Tuesday, 26 April 2011


iPadio (http://ipadio.com/)

You and your students can use your mobile phones (cell phones) to phone a free number and record messages and post them on the internet at no cost. I have tried this in Spain using my Movistar mobile and I was not charged for the calls.

So far I have used it to send a couple of short comments to my students and have experimented with embedding, attaching a link and using an RSS feed in Edmodo. Embedding works best. See examples

I want to experiment in class with my students recording themselves as they retell stories or interview each other, but I'm not sure yet how to do it.

Students could all sign up for their own accounts, which would mean their phones would be able to use the free phone number (here) and their own secret number and their recordings would go to their individual pages. If they used my secret number, their recordings would go to my page.

Or they could take it in turns to use my phone, but this would be slower by far.

I have discarded the other possibility which is for them to use their own phones without signing up for an account, type in my phone number when required and then type in the secret number to my page.

The work of adding the embed codes could be done by the students (or maybe by me initially)

Has anyone tried any of these methods?

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