Friday, 25 September 2015

Six Steps to Oral Fluency

Here is the PowerPoint presentation I am using tomorrow at the

British Council Teachers Conference 2015:
Learning to Learn

Here are the student recordings from the presentation:

 Elisabet 11A pronunciation expressing movement:

Jose 9A Grammar bank 3 third conditional:

Dolors reading aloud:

 happy ending Hannah from English File Pre-intermediate 3rd edition:

Carla retelling - Hannah happy ending:

 Lidia G lucky or unlucky interview:

Me reading feedback for Carla T1 S5 amplified:

I practised giving the presentation at home. Sadly the recordings made by my students were very quiet over my speakers and hard to record on my smartphone, so make sure listen to the recordings above.

Here is the live recording from the presentation on Saturday.
Sadly I was unable to play the student recordings, so please listen to the recordings above at the appropriate moment.