Saturday, 23 October 2010

Recording an anecdote while telling it in class to put on the internet later

I had wanted to do this for a long time but only managed to get round to doing it this week. It should be easy enough to record yourself as you tell an anecdote to your students in class and then use the 'raw' recording to post on the internet for them to listen to again, or for students who were away to do so, or even for other (intermediate, in this case) students to listen to.

I had bought a Phillips Voice Tracker years ago, but it didn't record in .mp3 format and the hassle of converting it with Audacity put me off. The school where I work bought a number of voice recorders recently which record directly in mp3 format so I signed out one of these and with the USB cable provided it was simple to move the file from the recorder to my USB stick.

I looked for a picture to accompany the recording, but couldn't find a Creative Commons version, unfortunately. But here is the public feed item from my Intermediate group on Edmodo including the recording and the picture :

If I find time, I might add some vocabulary help in a reply - probably linking to the Cambridge Learner's Online Dictionary's definition.

I've no idea whether anyone in my class will want to listen to it.

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